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Oh oh oh…..Meet C/O/LOs friend Karen! Feminist columnist at BT and tech enthusiast -> Advocating diversity and tolerance, Karen believes in a future where creating technology means exactly that. She just visited the UN conference AI for Good (2017) and the NYU conference Ethics of AI (2016) in an effort to bring the global discussion to “our” corner of the world.

In collaboration with AI Safety Denmark and the Siri commision that will actually happen in a near future at the first AI top meeting in copenhagen. (Stay tuned and afterparty not to be missed!)

Here wearing the Ada Lovelace and internet tee.

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Wan’t to meet the whole package? This is tech philosopher Riva Melissa Tez – wearing Colo’s Colorwheel and Fall 99 times.


rivamelissa_2o rivamelissa_11rivamelissa_6

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Rolf Bjerre from Alternativet rocking Colo…..

Skærmbillede 2016-09-02 kl. 17.32.54

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Artige Ardit looking sharp in Colo….


ardit  artige  artigeardit










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Ben Goertzel rocking Colo….. He runs the coolest open source artificial intelligence project:











Colo likes Ben G a LOT…..


(Design of final sweatshirt has changed a little because decisions suck)